Öntödei Múzeum
Öntödei Múzeum (II. ker. Bem u. 20)


There is a Museum to regale our eyes in the so called “Víziváros” on the Buda side of Budapest, a place that can take you hundreds of years back in history. An old factory building can be found here with saw-tooth like, forefront brick architecture, standing humbly by the old block of flats and in the neighbourhood of modern high rise buildings. This is the one-time factory of Abraham Ganz, where the foundry existed even in 1960s. Among the walls of this factor the world’s renowned railway wheels were once produced – according to the licence of Ganz. András Mechwart, whose name has been linked with the building up of the industrial empire of Ganz also worked in the factory. This is the building where the first Foundry Museum in central Europe was opened in 1969.

Foundry Museum  (II. ker. Bem u. 20)


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