Kohászati Múzeum
Metallurgy Museum

The Museum of Metallurgy (earlier known as Central Museum of Metallurgy) can be found in the valley of Sinva stream embraced by the Bükk Mountains.  The institution with a half century past, exists in a 200 year old ancient building. Both natural and historical values make its surroundings attractive.

There are two other exhibition places belonging to the Metallurgy Museum.


Metallurgy Museum (in Miskolc)

The Museum in Miskolc is accessable by number 5 and 15 local service buses and can be reached by taking a 15 minute walk. Coming by car, drivers must turn off the road to Lillafüred at Felsőhámor. Coming by commuter train visitors must get off the train at Lillafüred and take a 15 minute walk in the direction of Miskolc. For groups coming by bus we advise you to use the parking place at Lillafüred and take a short walk to reach the museum.


Massa Museum – Fazola Foundry

The Massa Museum was founded in 1963 to show the main (great moments) moments, original documents from a hundred year old history of the Ironworks of Diósgyőr-Hámor. The exhibition also shows the tools made and used, and the products which were made in the ironworks. There are operating models to show the original iron factory plant and its technological equipments.

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