1. Transport Museum

Our Museum has 95 thousand volumes of professional literature on the history of transportation technology, which are regularly and systematically collected on their border areas (statistics, law, economics, sports, geography, biographies and history) in Hungarian and foreign languages. Besides the academic and professional journals collections, four separate additional collections are included: the timetables, business reports, rules and tariffs collections.

The books may only be read on the spot. Photocopies might be available, at the price of 20.-Ft. per page.

Using the library is free!


Opening hours in summer:

01.07.2014. - 31.07.2014:

Tuesday: 9.00 AM-4.00 PM

Wednesday: 9.00 AM-4.00 PM

August: Closed


2. Aluminum Industry Museum


The library of Aluminum Industry Museum of HMSTT works as a library of the trade. The books and periodicals – material in Hungarian and in foreign languages – got to the museum from the companies and mines discontinued or transformed owing to privatization. Thus the majority of the library’s collection is related to the aluminum industry and aluminum processing. The bulk of the collection is made up of the basic professional literature on metallurgy works, dealing with mining as well as geology.

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