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Zlin 142 in our Aviation historical collection

A serious deficiency has been supplied: a Zlin 142 two-seater trainer aircraft was added to our collection.

The plane was a generous gift of Krisztián Zorkóczy, who also took over the costs of transportation. Doe to his altruistic cooperation, one of the most valuable pieces of recent times was acquired by the aviation historical collection of the Museum.

The Zlin type 142 (registration mark HA-SFN) was in operation between 1980 and 2010, spending its “active” time mostly as part of the training line in Nyíregyháza. It served among the planes of the students studying at Agricultural College.

The type appears as part of the collection developing strategy of the Museum. For the time being the plane arrived to us without an engine and propeller, however, purchasing of missing parts is currently in progress.