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Worker directors from the grace of the party heading Ganz and Weiss Manfréd

A presentation by Márton Balogh-Ebner.

Place: Technical Study Stores, Budapest (Budapest, Prielle Kornélia utca 10. H-1117)
TIME: 08 November 2017 11:00

Several factories with a significant industrial heritage operated in Hungary after WW II. These factories had an essential role in re-building the country and in recovering the economy. Hence, it is not surprising that in the so-called coalition years there was a huge competition that the Communist Party put the most “competent” persons in seats. Taking over the leading of factories ensured not only the leading of the economy for the Communist Party but they could also bind to themselves – first indirectly, then directly – several thousands of workers politically and existentially as well. The presentation examines those workers directors who could rise thanks to the Communist Party in the second half of the 1940s, how their career formed and what benefits they gained. Careers of Ferenc Bíró, director of Weiss Manfréd, then Rákosi Mátyás Works, and Károly Janza, workers director of Ganz Ship Factory will be introduced in the presentation from the second half of the 1940s to the first half of the 1950s.

The presentation i sdelivered in Hungarian language.

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