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XI. Fazola Festival

This year the Fazola Festival will take place for the eleventh time in Miskolc, at the site of the Metallurgical Collection.

Place: Metallurgical Collection, Miskolc (Miskolc-Felsőhámor, Palota utca 22. H-3517 )
TIME: 15 September 2017 09:00

Programmes start with a conference held at the Miskolc Academic Commission on Friday, and will continue with an evening party in Bartók Béla Cultural Centre.

The programmes in the area of Fazola furnace on Saturday are already tempting for the public as well. Within the framework of the outdoor event metal casting will take place and honorary metallurgists will be inaugurated. We offer colourful programmes for children as well: exciting museum educational workshops will be waiting them all day, while adults may listen to miscellaneous musical songs.