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Sailing on the Danube with a steamboat from Vienna to Constantinople – Travel experiences of the first decade’s travellers

A presentation by Balázs Tinku.

Place: Technical Study Stores, Budapest (Budapest, Prielle Kornélia utca 10. H-1117)
TIME: 29 November 2017 11:00

The first steamboat of the Vienna-based shipping company, Danube Steam-shipping Company (DDSG), founded in 1829, appeared on the Sub-Danube in 1834, and the Company in the same year built its first military sea steam ship. By connecting Danube and sea runs to reach Constantinople from Vienna on a steam boat – even if only possible through inserting interchanges. Based on the writings of contemporary (Hungarian and foreign) travellers and time-tables of the company, the aim of the presentation is to show what a travel like this might have looked like. To the important sources of the presentation belong for instance the travel of Ferenc Kazinczy (Pest-Győr, 1831); the voyage of Michael Joseph Quin, beginning in 1835, from Pest through Svishtov to Constantinople; the Constantinople-Ruschuk-Vienna cruise of the Danish story-writer and passionate traveller, Hans Christian Andersen; or the travel of Ida Laura Pfeiffer, the first female world traveller who sailed from Vienna to Constantinople in 1842.

The presentation is delivered in Hungarian language.

Registration is needed – please register on the previous day at latest at csaba.domonkos@mmkm.hu