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Museum Educational Workshops

  • 08 August 2017

Summer workshops are rocking!

Floodlight on Kossuth Museum Ship

  • 08 August 2017

Commemorating the "mermaid" cruise of Count Ödön Széchenyi, floodlight has been lit on Kossuth Museum Ship.

22nd Museum Festival in May

  • 08 August 2017

Creative workshop on rim tables, inspecting cargo bikes, designing the interior of future buses on seats, while resting on tram seats covered live-plant tapestry. These are only a couple of programmes that we had on the 22nd Museum Festival in May. Thank you for coming in such a great number, and for taking such an interest in our programmes! Amazing creative works were born in our museum educational workshop, where we created the future prototypes of environmental conscious, sustainable vehicles in the spirit of recycling.